Most popular environmental songs

Updated list 2022 here.


The environment is the basis for everything and music is central to many people’s quality of life, so here is a list of which environmental songs that have been viewed at least one million times on Youtube. The chart includes songs in English that can mainly be interpreted to be about the environment.

Thus, I have not included songs about hope and worries about the future in general, or songs whose message is that reduced consumption is good without stating the environment as the main reason since you can have other reasons for it, and so on. The number after each song states the number of times the clip was played, counted in millions until January 20, 2021. If the same song is available in more than one clip, then the number only applies to the most played clip. The year in which the clip was posted on Youtube is in parentheses.

Of course, how popular a song is, is not only determined by the number of views on Youtube. But it is one interesting way to measure and we’ll compare to Spotify after this chart. Since Youtube started in 2005 and is much bigger now, the measurement method benefits new songs, but a number of old songs still made it to this chart.

1. Cocomelon – Clean up trash song 690,0m (2018)
2. Lil Dicky – Earth 294,1m (2019)
3. Michael Jackson – Earth song 285,8m (2008)
4. Childish Gambino – Feels like summer 207,6m (2018)
5. Billie Eilish – All the good girls go to hell 172,2m (2019)

6. Imagine Dragons – Radioactive 129,4m (2012)
7. Swedish House Mafia – Save the world 120,5m (2011)
8. Cocomelon – Yes yes save the earth song 80,8m (2019)
9. Pocahontas – Colors of the wind 58,7m (2016)
10. Counting Crows ft Vanessa Carlton – Big yellow taxi 25,9m (2009)

11. Disturbed – Another way to die 22,1m (2010)
12. Chris Rea – The road to hell 21,7m (1989)
13. Metallica – Blackened 20,9m (2007)
14. Ludovico Einaudi – Elegy for the Arctic 14,7m (2016)
15. Kraftwerk – Radioactivity 10,9m (2011)

16. The Beloved – Sweet harmony 10,8m (2019)
17. Aurora – The Seed 8,5m (2019)
18. Nahko and Medicine for the People – Great Spirit 6,9m (2012)
19. Rising Appalachia – Scale down 6,7m (2010)
20. Gojira – Global warming 6,1m (2018)

21. Greta Thunberg sings Swedish death metal 5,8m (2019)
22. Marvin Gaye – Mercy mercy me (the ecology) 5,1m (2017)
23. Auntie Litter – Earth we’re in it together 4,6m (2019)
24. Harry Kindergarten – If you’re a kid… 4,3m (2015)
25. David Bowie – Five years 4,3m (2010)

26. The Cranberries – Time is ticking out 4,1m (2010)
27. John Prine – Paradise 4,1m (2007)
28. Lynyrd Skynyrd – All I can do is write about it 2,6 m (2012)
29. Kids for saving Earth – Promise song 2,4m (2013)
30. Bliss n Eso – The sea is rising 2,2m (2010)

31. Ziggy Marley – Dragonfly 2,1m (2008)
32. Harry Kindergarten – Going green 1,9m (2013)
33. Kids – Mother Earth song 1,8m (2008)
34. Earth Day – Going green song 1,7m (2015)
35. Miley Cyrus – Wake up America 1,7m (2008)

36. Anohni – 4 degrees 1,7m (2015)
37. Annihilator – Stonewall 1,4m (2010)
38. Julian Lennon – Saltwater 1,3m (2012)
39. Talking Heads – Nothing but flowers 1,1m (2018)
40. Tcktcktck Climate Campaign – Beds are burning 1,1m (2009)

41. Sarah O’Shea – This is our world 1,0m (2013)
42. Jack Johnson – The 3 Rs 1,0m (2010)

The most played of these songs on Spotify is by far Imagine Dragons – Radioactive, with 1120.7 million streams, while no other song comes over 220 million streams (exact figure is missing when the artist has more streams on ten other songs, which is often the case).

The Youtube winner Clean up trash song has been played more than a thousand times more on Youtube than Spotify. Such songs for children are usually played much more on Youtube, but otherwise it seems that largely the same songs would be on an environmental chart for Spotify.

On Wikipedia there is a page that tries to list all environmental songs in English and you can also find a long collection here.

Are you missing any environmental song in this chart?


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  1. Sustain blog Says:

    A wonderful collection of environmental songs! Thank you.. 💛


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